The Haiti Desert


This Haitian government really needs to it step up, there country is getting destroyed there wont be any government in 30 years if they don’t do anything! the country will just be destroyed and the Dominican Republic will just buy it and plant trees and make it nice again. And then by 2035 half of there species will be wiped out. The Haitian government is just selling land to companies that just destroy it to make money so there not broke. Just step up!

The farmers of Haiti are poor so how do they cook there food? its by cutting down trees to make charcoal. By now you would think that’s an old method but for them you’ve got to cook food. There also the poorest country in the southern hemisphere and have extreme levels of poverty. Its not all there fault they also get a lot of natural disasters that destroy a lot of things.

Unfortunately the people of Haiti are very poor and the government regulates a lot of things. This is going to keep going on until there is nothing left of this country. The people cant move because they cant afford to go any where else but they will have to eventually.

This is how sad it looks