Soil Erosion due to Deforestation in Haiti


Only 30% of land in Haiti is sustainable for cultivation.

Soil erosion has been a problem in Haiti because of deforestation. Soil in erosion started in 2015. Soil erosion has washes away about 15,000 acres of topsoil each year. 70% of all Haitians depend on growing crops to feed their families and sell to other families. Fires, clear- cutting for agriculture, industrial development, logging for timber, and degradation due to climate change can all lead to deforestation and soil erosion. Soil erosion stresses out the remaining forest and land by taking the nutrients and organic matter they need to stay alive. The citizens of Haiti are the ones cutting down their forests because they believe their government when they say it can profit their charcoal production and use the wood for burning. Soil erosion has gotten so bad over the years that if it keeps going the eventually Haiti will have to deal with desertification.

President Michel Martelly said that by 2016 half of the trees will be replaced and strict laws against logging will be put up. They will have to replant and rebuild from the roots up. Soil erosion due to deforestation in Haiti leads to loss of food and resources.

Amanda Kingsley(2015-2020) Deforestation in Haiti,