Will Schweyer 

The main ecological issue is overfishing. Aquatic ecosystems are affected by overfishing because if there are losses in fish then other ocean creatures will slowly die of. Japan, China, the U.S., Indonesia, Chinese Taipei, and South Korea are the main issue of overfishing, and the long-term effect of overfishing is loss of fish, which would mean loss of other ocean animals such as, such as, killer whales, sharks, sea lions, and any other ocean carnivore. Coral reefs are affected by overfishing because the food web would be affected. Poor fishing management is the primary cause of overfishing, overfishing takes place in the North Sea, the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, and the East China Sea. There are fishing management operations that control the fish population. If less and less fish are being taken out of the ocean that will create loss of other ocean creatures.  

lots of fish being taken out of the ocean