Intensive Water used by Farming/Agriculture


Intensive farming has widespread negative consequences on the marine ecosystem and water supply. Running off from barnyards and feed lots can carry manure into our water system. Excessive use of fertilizers also contaminates water bodies, rivers and lakes (Pollution).

Farmers need to be more aware of the barnyard runoffs and the feed lots; it is polluting our fresh waters.

All biotic ecosystems are affected in these operations because pollution from run offs of barn yards and feed lots of manure into the water system and the water intensively used on crops that we could have used as our fresh water for our homes. Indigenous communities don’t always have fresh running water to their homes so by taking that water away from them and using it on the fields that takes away their resources.  

The reason we are having this environmental issue is because our fresh waters are getting polluted and that is making water shortages al around the world, just from the agriculture/farming operations. Agriculture uses around the 70% of fresh water around the world.

Agriculture liveliness such as nutrients, pesticides, sediment, and bacteria are impacting our surfaces of water. Fertilizer and pesticides can affect the actual water quality and is all because of the farmers choices.